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Recruiter at Hire5
🌎 worldwide
177d ago

Recruiter at Hire5 - a California-based company helping global talents enhance their careers in US startups (remote).


Hire5 (formerly Grintern) is a team of enthusiastic people who provide aspiring talents worldwide with remote opportunities to enhance their careers in the startups of Silicon Valley and other US-based companies.


We connect with high-potential US startups that need help and are ready to take junior, middle, or senior-level global remote talents to join their team. We deliver a fast, client-centric, cost-effective, and risk-free hiring process, and thus, we organize those win-win situations. And you’ll be surprised - our whole process from discussing the client’s needs to the new team member’s first working day takes no longer than 2 weeks!


Now, we are looking for a Recruiter who will be responsible for careful understanding of clients’ needs, sourcing new candidates, walking them through the selection process, assessing their skills, identifying risks, and presenting the best ones to our clients.


Is that you who we are looking for? Apply now!


By joining Hire5, you'll become part of a small & efficient team of 10 passionate professionals and a thriving community of 300+ successful startups that have discovered their team members through Hire5. This is an excellent opportunity for you to excel in Recruitment within the US market, make a meaningful contribution to our mission, witness the daily impact of your work, and experience personal and professional growth alongside our experienced team.

What will you do in our team?

Understand the needs of US startup founders interested in hiring middle and senior talents remotely. The most typical spheres of the roles we hire for are sales, analytics, software development, finance, graphic design, video editing, research, business and personal assistance, and more.

Identify the needed skills and compose interview scripts and test assignments to make sure your assessments are matching with the client’s needs.

Source relevant candidates via LinkedIn search and other platforms and techniques that should be already in your skill set.

Conduct structured interviews to assess the candidates based on the client’s needs and requirements. All the interviews (as well as everything we do on a daily basis) are held in English.

Select the best-fit candidates, fill in the showcase spreadsheet report for a client to demonstrate why exactly those candidates were chosen, and organize the interviews for them.

Moderate client-talent interviews, help a client to make a final decision or gather the client’s feedback, and continue searching for the best-fit candidates.

Maintain Applicant Tracking System and various databases during the whole process to track each step and all the needed information.

Develop a LinkedIn network of potential candidates to attract more and more people to the talent pool, increase brand awareness, and quickly find new candidates for the new positions.

Help the team with other possible tasks or projects if they appear.

What will set you up for success?

Fluent written and spoken English - you will be representing Hire5 for both clients and talents, so we are looking for a person for whom grammar/spelling/typing/other mistakes are not tolerable.

Expertise in sourcing & recruitment of middle and senior specialists - you need to know how to find and attract professionals all over the world, assess various hard & soft, feel confident about two-way communication with senior candidates (not only asking them questions but answering their questions about the position and companies as well), and feel confident representing and justifying your choice to a client, etc.

Passion to communicate & increase network- seriously, there will be a looooot of communication (both oral and written), and we definitely look for a person who will only get more and more energetic after spending 8 hours per day communicating.

Empathy and love for people - if you are a person who can sincerely adore other people (but at the same time critically think and see potential drawbacks), that’s your role. We truly care about our candidates’ experience going through our selection process, and value our employer branding.

Excellent organizing skills - you keep all the tasks in Google Calendar, track each step in the system, always check that everything is done on time, never forget about clients or talents, proactively follow them up, always put all the needed information into the needed folders/databases, etc. We have a fast-paced environment, are you ready for that?

Super attention to detail - we love it when everything is structured and double-checked. Does your eye start twitching when you see a double space or a missing comma?


Not required but will be an advantage:

— Experience working for or with US startups and understanding of their needs and founders’ mindsets.

— Experience finding remote specialists in spheres of sales, analytics, software development, finance, and others all over the world within a couple of days.

Network of thousands of specialists connected with you on LinkedIn.


Working hours:

Our team has to be available for both candidates (mostly in Eastern Europe & Central Asia) and clients (in the US) and adjust to such a schedule. So, an ideal schedule for a recruiter will be working between 12:00 and 20:00 Turkey time (or 8 am to 4 pm Argentina time, if you are located in Latin America) while sometimes starting the day later and having final interviews with the US clients till around 22:00-23:00 Turkey time (5 pm Argentina time).


What we offer:

Full-time or part-time job. We are ready to consider both candidates looking for a full-time commitment, as well as candidates who are eager to apply their expertise on a part-time basis (for example, recruiters who are currently on maternity leave, etc).

Fully remote work. You may be located in almost any country or city, as all of our team members are. Our team now consists of 10 people and we are located all over the world - US, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Montenegro, Georgia, Belarus, and other countries. You just need to have a great internet connection, a powerful computer to work from, and an opportunity to adjust your working hours to the needed schedule.

— Opportunity to start a career in a US company with an inspiring mission.

— Opportunity to learn from a talented team of people who love their job.

— Opportunity to see the results of your work, contribute, and help Hire5 achieve new heights.

Salary is paid in USD, your expectations will be discussed during the interview.


Application process and timeline:

We are planning to hire this new team member in February 2024, so we’ll first collect the base of applications during January 2024, and further, will start a quick selection process:

1. Fill in the application form - attach your resume;

2. Complete the test assignment;

3. Have a Zoom interview with our Recruiter;

4. Have a Zoom interview with our Head of HR & Recruitment;

5. Get hired!


Hire5 provides aspiring talents worldwide with remote opportunities to enhance their careers in Silicon Valley startups and other US-based companies.

Interested in joining one of the most promising US startups?

Press here to apply now or click “connect” on career.hire5.co to subscribe for future opportunities in your desired profession!

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