👋🥳 Some exciting news..

Hey there, I am Nithur, an indie developer. First of all, I apologize for making an interruption here. I want to make this place better. I know how hard it is to find a truly location independent job, that's why I started this site. But I am not quite happy about how it has turned out. So, I am working on hand curating every job to give you truly location independent jobs and save your time. A Discord server is the perfect place to move it further.

  • We'll have a separate channel for each job category
  • All the job offers will be instantly updated
  • You can save a ton of time wasted on browsing through fake remote jobs
  • Access to an active community of location independent job seekers
In order to keep the project sustainable and clean, I am making it a paid community. Just $7.99/mo (beta price) for next 50 people who signup. Cancel anytime.

🔴 $4.99/mo - Sold out

🟢 $7.99/mo - for the next 50 people signing up (filling fast!!)

49 of 50 people subscribed

01 seats left at this price!

🟡 $9.99/mo - once $7.99/mo plan is sold out

Most of you requested an annual plan, so added an option to buy annual plan. ✨

Some people reported that their payment is failing, so I made this Buy me a coffee member page for you to join:

We'll send you the link once you subscribe. Contact me at nithur@realworkfromanywhere.com.