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Web3 Technical Content Creator
🌎 worldwide
584d ago

Metaschool is looking for a Technical Content Creator to create, build and ship web3 tutorials and learning projects on metaschool & bring more devs in the web3 ecosystem.

There are 30M developers in the world but only 24k devs are actively contributing to the web3 ecosystem as of now. Blockchain and protocol companies need more devs in web3 to survive and thrive. Metaschool helps these companies by building fun, free and exciting projects for web2 devs to propel to web3. Find this exciting? Keep reading.

Working at Metaschool

Metaschool produces courses for devs to build, ship and learn web3. We have over 70K devs signed up from 50+ countries within 5 months of launch.

We’re a decentralized, remote-first company with teammates based in Singapore, India and Pakistan (for now 😉). We are divided by borders but our common mission to help devs build and flourish in the web3 ecosystem has brought us very close. If you are in any timezone of Asia and are a web3 native, we would love to have you onboard.

Our Values

  • Buidl dope shit! - We care about what you have built, not your degrees or FAANG experience.
  • Stay weird - Own yourself, be yourself! Diversity is our strength!
  • Improve daily - Daily efforts compound. Don’t underestimate them.
  • Developers come first - We are building for devs. Put them first, always!
  • Learners for life - Leave your ego outside, learn whenever you can.
  • Collaborate to win - If you want to go far, collaborate and go with a team.

The Role:

Metaschool’s current content is fun, free and very exciting for developers. It is created with the mindset that developers will build and ship cool dapps and learn about a certain protocol or smart contracts language while doing so. We want to continue to do that.

As a technical content engineer, you will:

  1. Work across teams composed of Technical Content Engineer, developers, designer to plan, write, and maintain content, such as documentation, tutorials, blogs, and social media posts. The content you will write ranges from the various projects we are working on to other projects that we find interesting to topics that you are personally curious about.
  2. Collaborative peer-to-peer Learning with subject matter experts and teammates
  3. Edit, clarify and proofread content written by others.
  4. Participate in the product design, development, and marketing process to provide inputs on issues and trends
  5. Connect and engage with Web3 Enthusiasts around the world to keep yourself updated


Being Technical and being able to create content is a unique skill and we strongly believe if you have both, you will be the perfect person to join us. A bit more information about the ideal person for this role.

  • Be a web3 advocate
  • Great at writing and storytelling
  • Are a quick learner
  • Use simple language to break down difficult concepts
  • Come up with unique content ideas in the web3 space
  • Don’t like repetition and can automate the basic stuff
  • Embrace chaos!

If any of the above doesn’t apply to you and you still strongly feel you can do it. Don’t let us stop you.. Please apply for the opportunity.


We have an important mission to help devs enter web3 and bring the power back to the individuals. At Metaschool, you will have exposure to product, business, growth, technology and everything in between. Additionally, you will get:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Generous Equity
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Time off
  • Macbook + Workstation Allowance
  • Multiple Tech subscription(s) to make your life easier
  • And an amazing bunch of weird frens!!

We are so excited to see you around. Don’t forget to apply.

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