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Software Engineer
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156d ago

This job is for (Deckee - https://deckee.com/), posted via Parallel. This is a full-time role.


This might be for you if...


  • You are a strong critical thinker. You can always argue either side of a technical decision because you always approach it from both sides.
  • You are highly driven. Development isn't so much a job or a career, you see it as a way of life. You have side projects and ideas that you never get enough time to work on.
  • You have a continuing interest in learning and developing your skills outside the scope of what your paid work offers.
  • You are highly conscientious about your work, but business value is always the key driver in your approach.
  • You know that the quality of a job is not the work you perform, but the people you perform it with.
  • You have strong opinions about your craft and the industry, but you enjoy hearing the point of view of others and you can be easily swayed.


Your responsibilities at Deckee


  • We are currently experiencing exciting growth and we want you to help us continue to drive this momentum with new features, and enable future features to be delivered faster and cheaper by keeping our technical debt low.
  • You will report directly and work closely with our Chief Technology Officer, planning and producing new features and updates for our existing app, while also contributing to new, strategic greenfield projects.
  • Building internal and external facing services.
  • Planning, execution, and delivery of maximum business value with the team.
  • Spiking issues to determine the best approach and design. There is no shortage of engineering challenges on our horizon which you'll be responsible for.


Our stack


  • Our system is a micro-service architecture running on Kubernetes and AWS Lambda backed by AWS S3 and RDS (Postgres) for data storage.
  • Our services are primarily based on Node 14 and Express JS.
  • Our DevOps pipeline is a fully automated continuous integration system from commit to rolling incremental deployment.
  • We use a combination of Helm and our own custom deployment strategies for supporting services.
  • All services are configured to be highly available through auto-scaling and health checks.
  • Communication between services is done via both HTTP requests and an AMQP message bus.
  • Our data lake is stored in AWS S3 and indexed using AWS Glue.


Skill requirements


  • A natural curiosity for deep diving areas that are outside your expertise with a proven ability to quickly acclimate, learn and utilize new skills when required.
  • A passion for designing scalable and performant micro-service systems.
  • An understanding of DevOps principles and/or SRE.
  • A practical understanding of both the front-end and back-end with a high level of expertise in JS.
  • With extreme customer focus, every decision you make has its 'true north' or origin based on our end-users.
  • You write clean and easy-to-understand modular code. You are an advocate for abstractions and understand the importance of producing simple declarative interfaces that expose the functionality of your well-written imperative code.
  • You have knowledge of Docker and the Linux command line. Everything we do is containerized.
  • You have all the basics of generally accepted programming good practice - you can rebase a branch in git, perform scripting, linting, writing tests, etc.
  • Front-end libraries such as React and Redux.




  • Some experience or exposure to creating and launching services on Kubernetes. Further knowledge of the Kubernetes API such as Cron Jobs, RBAC, experience with ingress-nginx as well as the use of Custom Resources such as cert-manager is an additional bonus.
  • Exposure to AWS.
  • Any Geospatial experience or designing and building ETL systems and integrations.
  • Databases such as Elasticsearch, MySQL, and Mongo.
  • Experience with any of the other technologies in our stack: Cordova, GraphQL, Nginx, Lets Encrypt, Cloudflare, Strapi, AMQP, Postman, and Webpack.


What’s on offer


  • A salary is negotiable based on experience. Equity options are also available.
  • The opportunity to have an ownership share in the company, which has the potential to significantly increase in value in the future.
  • Remuneration includes the lifestyle benefits of working in a location-agnostic, remote role. However, we do have an awesome, laidback office in Newcastle with plenty of space for you.

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