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Product Developer (React)
🌎 worldwide
75d ago

Headquarters: The Netherlands
URL: https://appsignal.com

AppSignal is seeking a new product developer. You'll be joining a small team of developers and designers working to enhance AppSignal and make it an even better product.

Our product assists thousands of developers in monitoring their web applications from A to Z. Our product alerts developers if something goes wrong and provides debugging insights to get to the root of issues.

AppSignal's features cover errors, performance, uptime, metrics, logging, and more. We support various programming languages (Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript, Elixir, Python, Go).

We're self-funded, profitable, 100% remote, and strive to be nice to our coworkers and customers. Read our hiring FAQ for more information on how our business operates.
The role
The product team continuously (re)developing monitoring features, improving existing features, enhancing the design and consistency, and ensuring our product operates seamlessly for users.

You'll be part of the team working on the AppSignal product. You'll write React, build pages and components, and touch some CSS (we have a design system built on TailwindCSS).

We deliver quickly, working closely with the design, business, and development teams. It's important to note that our codebase has a considerable surface area; this isn't a new product. The development challenges are interesting, and we're open to fresh patterns and ideas to enhance our application's structure.
The Tech Stack
  • Our product was initially built with Ruby on Rails (knowing Rails is a plus, but not required)
  • React has gradually taken its place and now covers most of our app.
  • We use a GraphQL API
  • We store data in MongoDB and ClickHouse.
  • We've created a design system using TailwindCSS
  • We employ headless React components (RadixUI, Tanstack) to create reusable components.

The rest of AppSignal employs various other technologies to handle the 200 billion+ requests our customers monitor monthly.

Our workflow and tools
AppSignal operates in 8-week cycles. The product team typically dedicates 6 weeks to one or two projects and reserves 2 weeks as a cooldown period for bug fixes, small issues, and preparing for the next cycle.

Company-wise, we use these tools for communication and project management:
  • Basecamp for asynchronous communication within the company
  • Github (Projects) to manage our code and technical projects
  • Slack for direct messages or small group chats
  • Airtable to keep track of information
We hold a company-wide call once a week, followed by your team call, and other project-related calls are kept to a minimum.
What We Offer
  • Salary is dependent on experience and the hiring approach (more details in our FAQ about remote hiring
  • An annual personal budget of €1,200 for additional gear, conferences, and learning
  • A loaned MacBook for doing work
  • Remote work from anywhere as long as you align with our timezone (CEST)
  • A monthly budget for renting an office/workspace nearby
  • Unlimited vacation policy (on average, employees take 35 days a year)
  • No micromanagement. You're an adult. Feel free to wrap up early if your mind is tired. Hit the gym when you desire. Take care of errands, or go for a walk.
  • A team of friendly individuals to call your colleagues
  • We're open to a part-time (4 day) work-week
The Application Process
  • Round 1 consists of a brief interview to get acquainted and a short assignment to evaluate your programming skills. You'll receive compensation for time spent on this assignment (gift card or cash).
  • Round 2 involves an interview with your future coworkers from the product team.
  • Round 3 is a more in-depth interview. By this stage, we're enthusiastic about you and want to provide extensive context about the role.
  • Round 4 entails a culture check with the team, in addition to finalizing the hiring details
Managing Expectations
Our hiring process is designed to be stress-free. We won't subject you to pressure or tricky questions. Let us know if you have anything we can consider (neurodiversity, accessibility, etc.).

We'll communicate our thoughts on your prospects and salary range as soon as possible. We'll inform you if you're in a hiring round with 10 other candidates or just 2. We'll send a preliminary offer letter once we can gauge your seniority level. We hope for transparency from you as well.

Not sure if you should apply?
If you're unsure about having enough experience for this role, please apply! We'd be disappointed to overlook a great candidate because you doubt your abilities. We're always happy to provide you feedback on your application and skill level.
Looking Forward to Meeting You!
Our team is excited about the opportunity to meet you. Feel free to ask us any questions (wes@appsignal.com); we hope to see your application soon!

You may also reach out to one of our counselors if you feel more comfortable with that. Your questions will stay confidential, not be shared internally, and will certainly not influence your hiring chances. You can reach Jeff (he/him) via jeff@appsignal.com or Jelte (they/them) via jelte@appsignal.com.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/appsignal-product-developer-react

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