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Head of Community
🌎 worldwide
486d ago
If enough people come together to use Glo as money in their daily lives, we generate a basic income and help eradicate extreme poverty. 

We're building the community of early adopters that pioneer the usage of Glo. As much as possible, they'll purchase things with Glo rather than USD, EUR, etc. As they do this, we're able to generate and support the basic income for people who live in extreme poverty, which is going to be very exciting. 

Building community at Glo is going to be unlike anywhere else. We're sparking a social movement of people who use Glo as a currency because they want to see the number of basic income recipients going up. Unlike most stablecoins, no one is making money here (except the basic income recipients of course). The reason we're collectively brute-forcing this currency into existence is because it's our best shot at enacting a scalable basic income. 

The fundamental way for people to get involved is to use Glo as money. Convert some percentage of your monthly income into Glo; try to purchase things with it. In the beginning, this will almost be a hobby—few places will accept Glo and payment infrastructure will be meh. But by pioneering Glo usage, the community creates an incentive for payment providers to start supporting Glo and for merchants to accept it. 

Eventually, paying with Glo becomes just as easy as any other method. At that point it's an ethical choice, akin to driving electric or eating less meat. If you're pro basic income and want a fairer economy, pay with Glo. Beyond using Glo themselves, individuals can contribute in big and small ways to drive Glo adoption and demand.  

We're looking for a strategic Head of Community manager to;

  • Design and execute on the various ways to get involved 
  • Define, drive and evaluate success metrics of the Glo community
  • Shape the culture and systems of our community 
  • Figure out the right cadence, style and media of progress communication 
  • Connect the rest of the team to the community in the most effective way

You'll be able to set this up from the start and scale it globally. As Glo grows, you'll build out the community team and scale this into a broad social movement. 

We're looking for people that:
  • Have a track record of strategically designing, running and scaling a community
  • Feel at home within the crypto, open source, effective altruism, or other relevant internet communities
  • Are scrappy, pragmatic, self-starting, strategic
  • Have a spidey sense for community sentiment and opportunities
  • Are effective in leading the rest of the team in their interactions with the community

No need to check all of these boxes! If you resonate with some of these, we'd love to talk.

The kind of things you'd be doing:
  • Design, grow and manage a global movement of Glo advocates
  • Create the environment in which community members can feel true belonging, involvement and ownership
  • Build the community team
  • Set up and run community communication platforms
  • Design commitment slopes, funnels and involvement programs 
  • Design and implement periodic communication around growth and success
  • Work with marketing to set up growth campaigns
  • Work with the economics team to run initiatives that solve bottlenecks for Glo adoption and demand
  • Work with the whole team to make sure we're connected to the community
What we offer
  • Full remote—live your life the way you want to
  • An amazing offsite week every 3 months, somewhere around the globe
  • Competitive salary (but no stock options or pre-mine—we're a non-profit)
  • High end gear of your choice
  • Unlimited PTO and birthdays off
  • Generous benefits tailored to your locale (e.g. health insurance/pension/401k)
  • Access to conferences and events
Why join Global Income Coin
  • Help create the world's first global basic income
  • Work on crypto (stablecoin) that's useful and good for the world
  • Very high-impact work—you'll be one of Glo's first employees
  • Fast-paced trajectory—we're well-funded and aim for massive mainstream adoption
  • Non-profit with startup mentality—our founding donor, Sid Sijbrandij, led Gitlab from zero to $15 billion IPO
  • The adventure of a lifetime—solve never-done-before problems in finance, tech, growth and many other domains
About us

Glo is a nonprofit startup striving to end extreme poverty. We are a global team of computer scientists and economists that combine academic rigor with a startup mentality. Please see the following resources for more information. 

  • See website
  • Browse team members on LinkedIn
  • Read our WIP whitepaper 
  • Dive into our videos on YouTube

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