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Technical Writer for Linux Tutorials (remote, part-time)
🌎 worldwide
553d ago

Headquarters: Romania
URL: http://baeldung.com

As an author for Baeldung, you’ll work within a team of authors and editors that will provide guidance and feedback on your articles and code. 

Our writing guidelines are important to ensure a good quality of the article, as well as consistency across articles. Here are the formatting, code, and writing guidelines we use:

  • Formatting – Guidelines
  • Script – Guidelines
  • Writing – Guidelines

The publishing process starts with you choosing a topic to work on (we have a list of open topics you can choose from, or you can suggest your own). You’ll then work with an editor to create an outline and provide a draft and supporting code.

The editor will help you get your articles over the finish line. They’re going to do reviews, offer guidance with technical and language feedback, and generally be helpful. 

Once the article is ready, we hit publish.

As for how quickly you’d like to write – that’s fully up to you. For example, we have great authors publishing one article weekly, and we have authors publishing an article every month or so.


The budget for each article is based on your author level and the number of words.

Here are some typical budgets used by authors:

  • Level 12 – 750 words    – 80$
  • Level 12 – 1000 words  – 85$
  • Level 15 – 750 words    – 88$
  • Level 15 – 1000 words  –  92$

The level is based on the feedback from your editors on 3 metrics: writing, technical, and communication. When you start, you’ll be at level 1, then you’ll progress as you improve (the max level is 20).

Basically, the better the quality of your writeups, the higher the payment will be.

Here’s the full list of budget levels on the site.


Before applying, you should have at least a couple of years of experience working as a developer or actively involved in the Linux ecosystem. The articles will be code-centric, so being in the trenches and able to code is instrumental.

Good command of the English language is also important.

You can also find the contribution guidelines on our site: https://www.baeldung.com/linux/contribution-guidelines

And we generally handle payments via Paypal.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/baeldung-technical-writer-for-linux-tutorials-remote-part-time

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