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[Electronic Music] Senior Software Project Manager
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466d ago

Headquarters: San Francisco
URL: https://www.protonradio.com/

About Proton
We’re a digital distributor for electronic music labels, artists, and DJs. Distro platforms like Proton help deliver music to other platforms like Beatport + Spotify that sell, stream, or monetize our music. We power over 2K indie electronic music labels and are the #1 provider of DJ Mixes to Spotify + Apple. Learn more about us in the links below:
  • Our Mission, Vision & Values - independently owned + funded since 2001!
  • Our Team

About the Role: Software Project Manager (Senior)
As Proton’s first full-time project manager, you’d have a significant impact across our entire platform and organization while empowering and working directly with a vibrant community of electronic music makers, lovers, and chart toppers.

We’re looking for someone with 2-3 years full-time project manager experience in web and/or software development.  You’d join a team of 6 software engineers and work closely with our product director/CEO, most of whom are active creators in the electronic music scene themselves.

This is a full-time position but with very flexible hours: we’re dedicated to lifestyle design & personal freedom for our team!

You will…

Own project documentation and backlog management + assist with sprint planning.
  • Work closely with our product director/CEO to deeply understand our platform and product vision, then help translate into project planning + team communication
  • Attend project planning meetings and take notes that are clear, concise, and actionable
  • Document and organize active + future projects in our project management software (Asana)
  • Break down long term projects into sprint-sized blocks of work
  • Help balance team’s workload + priorities, consulting leadership to help inform prioritization

Articulate and assign specific tasks to teammates in a friendly and actionable manner.
  • Communicate and organize work in a way that’s flexible + mindful of our fully remote team
  • Identify and provide additional resources or context when needed
  • Remain aware of individual workloads, capacity, motivations, and communication preferences
  • Run effective meetings and hold team members accountable

Amplify focus and flow for all teammates
  • Monitor and unblock progress with sensitivity + kindness: be our flow facilitator, not time cop
  • Smooth communication across collaborators – notice info gaps and help fill them proactively
  • Push back on potential scope creep and distractions to preserve team focus
  • Reduce project management on CEO and tech leads 

Contribute to a motivated and engaged team culture
  • Keep team engaged but not overloaded: help them have the right mix of work on their plates
  • Identify opportunities to celebrate successes in a meaningful, authentic, and personalizedway
  • Create rituals that recognize individual contributors and contextualize the significance of their accomplishments

Requirements for the Role
We’re looking for someone who has…

Relevant work experience:
  • 2-3 years full-time project manager experience in web and/or software development
  • At least 1 year experience managing projects remotely with a distributed team
  • Confident and experienced using task management software like Asana, Trello, etc.

Professional and technical skills:
  • Strong technical aptitude: ability to understand complex technical concepts and ecosystems
  • Skilled communicator: attentive listener with a clear speaking and writing style; asks thoughtful questions to build clarity.
  • Diligent and detail-oriented: keeps work clearly organized and documented; follows up and follows through
  • Time-conscious, not time cop: skillfully balances ability to unblock work while respecting individual autonomy

Interpersonal and emotional skills: 
  • Open and able to customize communication to individuals of a remote team
  • Builds awareness of team dynamics and collaboration styles to help facilitate team flow
  • Skillfully sparks action without shaming or blaming
  • Strives to proactively reduce cognitive burden on the rest of the team

Nice to Haves:
  • Curious, inquisitive, excited to dig into a complex industry
  • Flexible and open-minded in the face of ambiguity or unexpected change 
  • Brings humor and lightheartedness to work

Our Engineering Stack
  • Asana + Slack
  • GraphQL + Rails + PHP
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud
  • Redis + Resque
  • JavaScript + React
  • Algolia
  • Circle CI, GitHub, Cypress

Work Environment: 100% Remote & Independently Motivated
Proton is a fully remote organization, so candidates must be comfortable & able to thrive without in person collaboration or a high level of daily social interactions. Our engineering team is entirely based in North/South America, so time zones are generally aligned. We organize our work in Asana, Slack, and GitHub.

Flexible Full Time, Supporting Lifestyle Design
Proton is committed to supporting lifestyle design & personal freedom for our team. While we have several full time salaried team members working 5 days a week, we also have contractors working flexible 15-30 hour weeks, or full time staff that squeeze their time into 4 days and take Friday off. In other words, we’re intentionally flexible to find a schedule that helps you thrive.
This position is full time, in that we require candidates to not have any other paid work.

Self-Starters & Creative Problem Solvers
We’re a team of self-starters who are not afraid to jump into new systems we don’t understand, come up with a proposed solution before asking for help, and are always open to trying & learning new things. We’re looking for like minded engineers to join us.

A culture of electronic music lovers & makers.
Many of Proton’s team are also DJs, producers, or label managers. While not a must-have, we’re looking for team members who are also passionate about electronic music. Each year, our team attends the annual Amsterdam Dance Event together and ideally candidates for this position would be excited to join us on the trip!

Values Alignment
We’re looking for team members who align with Proton’s core valuesof growing sustainably, leading with integrity & vision, and a love + respect for the music. In practice, this means our company doesn’t aim to grow rapidly at the cost of compromising our values: we often prioritize engineering projects that keep Proton aligned with our values over other projects that might make our work easier & make the company more money. This is key for candidates to understand and embrace.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/proton-electronic-music-senior-software-project-manager

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